Spatial metabolomics: Analysis of multimodal bioimage data in medical research

Karsten Wüllems (started October 2016)

In the recent years spatial metabolomics became very popular through the technological advances in imaging mass spectrometry (IMS). One of the most used techniques is the matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation-time of flight imaging mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF IMS). MALDI-TOF IMS has various applications like study of spatial distribution of biomolecules and discovery of new biomarkers. By combining this technique with other imaging technologies, information can be gathered that is not accessible in stand-alone utilization.

In this project we aim for three goals. First is the utilization of new analysis methods for MALDI IMS data based on data mining and image processing. Second we want to investigate different multimodal approaches by combining IMS with other imaging techniques. Third is to develop visualizations for acquired data to make those accessible for researchers of different fields, especially for those who are not directly related to bioinformatics or imaging mass spectromtry. By achieving these goals we plan to reveal as much information hidden inside the IMS data as possible and to transform the raw data into useful and valuable information for researches from different fields, especially from the area of biology, chemistry and medicine.

Supervisors: Tim W. Nattkemper (University Bielefeld), Karsten Niehaus (University Bielefeld)

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