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Interpretation and visualisation of molecular dynamics in complex bioimage data

Georges Hattab (started October 2014)

Bioimage Informatics is an ever growing field in Bioinformatics for high throughput, high fidelity quantification and sub-cellular localisation. Yet, each of these directions raises a diverse set of questions. In this project, novel algorithmic and representation venues shall be sought to extract and visualise relevant information from high-dimensional data. In our case, such information pertains to describe the temporal development and the mutual dependencies on the spatial or molecular interaction levels in bacterial growth image sequences. This addresses both Biological (such as targeted gene expression using gene knock-out and GFP tagging) and Informatics questions (feature detection, single-cell tracking, birth/deaths events, etc) enabling us to handle quantitatively and qualitatively the data that can be subject to a posterior statistical analysis.

Supervisors: Tim W. Nattkemper (Bielefeld University),Tamara Munzner (University of British Columbia).


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