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Name Office Phone (*) Project (see Research Program for details)
Althermeler, Nicole U4-141 3855 Ancestral lines under selection: Linking population genetics and phylogenetics
Müller, Robert M3-128 2908 Applying succinct data structures to massive sequence clustering
Tzanakis, Konstantinos U10-133 12086 Large-scale storage, analysis and integration of metabolomics data
Yu, Jia Cloud platform and high performance computing for genome data analysis

Affiliated Students

Name Office Phone (*) Project
Schulz, Tizian U10-141 3848 Using de Bruijn Graphs for DNA Read Quality Control

Former PhD students

Name Date of defense Thesis title
Bremges, Andreas (affiliated) 25 October 2016 Assembling the Microbial Dark Matter
Brink, Benedikt 15 May 2018 Omics visualization and its application to presymptomatic diagnosis of oral cancer
Castillo, Omar (affiliated)
Doerr, Daniel (affiliated) 17 April 2015 Family-free Genome Comparison
Hattab, Georges 14 May 2018 Analyzing colony dynamics and visualizing cell diversity in spatiotemporal experiments
Holley, Guillaume 25 April 2017 Pangenome Search and Storage
Huang, Liren 18 June 2019 Cloud-based Bioinformatics Frameworks for Next-Generation Sequencing Data
Isenberg, Maren (affiliated)
Kölling, Jan (affiliated)
Löwes, Benedikt 11 July 2017 Methods for the Identification of Common RNA Motifs
Luhmann, Nina 15 December 2016 Phylogenetic Assembly of Paleogenomes Integrating Ancient DNA Data
Lux, Markus 24 April 2018 Efficient Grouping Methods for the Annotation and Sorting of Single Cells
Melidis, Damianos (affiliated)
Pfannschmidt, Lukas 23 August 2021 Relevance learning for redundant features
Pucker, Boas (affiliated) 9 May 2019 Bioinformatic identification and experimental validation of target genes in plant genomes
Rumming, Madis 28 September 2017 Metadata-Driven Computational (Meta)Genomics
Sudek, Henner
Sundermann, Linda (affiliated) 26 March 2019 Lineage-Based Subclonal Reconstruction of Cancer Samples
Wüllems, Karsten 23 August 2021 Data-Driven Approaches to Exploratory Visual Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Imaging Data
Zekic, Tina
Zhu, Lu 10 September 2018 Context-specific subcellular localization prediction: Leveraging protein interaction networks and scientific texts
Zolotareva, Olga 12 January 2020 Identification of Differentially Expressed Gene Modules in Heterogeneous Diseases

(*) +49 (0)521 106-…

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