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Application Workshop 2013

18 July, Bielefeld University


Wednesday, 17 July

8pm Welcome dinner Restaurant Bernstein, Niederwall 2, 33602 Bielefeld
  • Downtown: We would like to invite you to meet downtown for an informal get-together, to show you around, for a coffee, etc. You will find me, Roland Wittler, at the fountain at “Alter Markt”, which is the central place of the old (and nice) part of the town. From 2pm., we meet there on every full hour. At 6pm., we go for a walk to visit the “Sparrenburg”, the castle of Bielefeld. From there, we leave early enough (about 7.15) for you to drop by your hotel on the way to the restaurant.
  • University: We are happy to welcome you at Bielefeld University for a chat, coffee, little tour, etc. In the afternoon, coincidentally, the summer fête of our department will take place, and you are welcome to join and maybe have a first German beer. You can then leave the university together, heading towards downtown (hotel or restaurant). From 2 pm., Daniel Dörr will meet you in/at the coffee room U10-155 on every full hour. In the meantime, you will probably find him in his office (U10-141) or at the summer fête (TBA).

Thursday, 18 July

8am Welcome coffee U10-155
8.15am - 9.15am Application talks U10-146
9.15am - 9.30am Break U10-155
9.30am - 10.30am Application talks U10-146
10.30am - 10.45am Break U10-155
10.45am - 11.45am Application talks U10-146
12 noon - 1pm Lunch Mensa, Westend, Cafeteria, …
1pm - 4pm Interviews U10-146
5pm - 7pm Faculty meeting U10-155


For reasons of privacy, the candidates' names will not be listed here.

Vancouver Partners

  • Ryan R. Brinkman, Ph.D. \\Bioinformatics in Flow Cytometry \\British Columbia Cancer Agency \\Associate Prof. Dept. of Medical Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia \\Adjunct Faculty at Dept. of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Simon Fraser University
  • Dr. Martin Ester \\Data Bases, Data Mining \\Prof. at School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University
  • Funda Ergun, Ph.D. \\Algorithms, Networks \\Associate Prof. at School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University

Bielefeld University


  • 15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes questions/discussion. Since we have a tight schedule, stay in time!
  • Shortly present your CV (one slide should be enough): Where/what did you study? Biology or computer science background? …
  • Main focus on your previous scientific work - usually your Master's project.
  • A few minutes about the prospective Ph.D. project
  • A laptop will be provided. Your slides should be in PDF or PowerPoint format.


The following page from the University's website helps you to find the campus but also gives hints on how to get to Bielefeld itself:

You have to book your trip yourself, and you will also first have to pay yourself. Keep all receipts, tickets and boarding passes for reimbursement. (See below.)

If you have specific questions regarding your trip, Angelika will do her best to help you: adeister(at)


Arriving at Bielefeld Hbf (main station), exit the building towards the city center; you should see the hotel “Bielefelder Hof” in front of you. (If you see a Cinemaxx, you are on the wrong side!) Cross the street to get to the underground tram (Stadtbahn / U-Bahn) station. Take tram number 4 towards “Universität / Lohmannshof”. Exit the tram at “Universität”. Walk up the stairs and cross the red bridge towards the university main building. Enter it and walk up the stairs. You are now standing in the main hall. Turn right, walk about 50m, and look on your left hand side for a staircase labelled U,V,M. Take the elevator to the 10th floor (if the elevator does not go up to the 10th floor, you are at the wrong elevator!). When exiting, turn left and again left. You are now in the U10 corridor, where the workshop takes place.


The Welcome Dinner will take place at Restaurant Bernstein. Dress code: You do not have to wear a tie. But do not come in shorts either. The following site is in German, but contains a map:

The building on the picture on the left has a construction site in its basement. On the backside, you find the entrance to the restaurant. You have to take the elevator to the top level.

The Bernstein is next to “Jahnplatz”, which has an underground tram station. All lines stop here (if you choose the correct direction, of course). From the Arcadia Hotel, it is a five minutes walk; from the main train station, less than fifteen. If you get lost, just ask. Anybody in Bielefeld knows this place and most people speak English.

Arcadia Hotel

Applicants will stay at the Arcadia Hotel. Follow this link for a map and other details:

It is a fifteen minutes walk from the train station. Or you take a tram to “Rathaus”. From here, you can see it.

You will firt have to pay the hotel. Keep the receipt for reimbursment. (See below.)


Unfortunately, you will first have to pay everything yourself (flight, train, hotel) and get reimbursed later, after the workshop. Attention: You have to keep all receipts and boarding passes! Please use economy flights and 2nd class train coaches.

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