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 +===== Talk =====
 +Annie Chateau -- //assistant professor at the University of Montpellier 2
 +and researcher at LIRMM//
 +  * Dec. 15, 2016
 +  * 11:00 s.t.
 +  * room U10-146
 +=== Aligning the unalignable:​ bacteriophage whole genome alignments ===
 +**Abstract:​** In recent years, many studies focused on the description and
 +comparison of large sets of related bacteriophage genomes. Due to the
 +mosaic structure of these genomes, few informative approaches for comparing
 +whole genomes exist: dot plots diagrams give a mostly qualitative
 +assessment of
 +the similarity/​dissimilarity between two or more genomes, and clustering
 +techniques are used to classify genomes. Multiple alignments are
 +absent from this scene. Indeed, whole genome aligners interpret lack of
 +between sequences as an indication of rearrangements,​ insertions, or
 +losses. This
 +behavior makes them ill-prepared to align bacteriophage genomes, where even
 +closely related strains can accomplish the same biological function with
 +dissimilar sequences. In this work, we propose a multiple alignment
 +strategy that exploits
 +functional collinearity shared by related strains of bacteriophages,​ and
 +uses partial
 +orders to capture mosaicism of sets of genomes.
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