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Diversity and Dynamics of Genomes (Seminar)

392217 Wittler Winter 2015 Tuesday 14-16 in U10-146 ekvv

Course Description

In general, in this seminar, research of the DiDy Group is presented, and other research related topics are discussed.

This semester, we jointly read the book: “Introduction to Algorithms” by Cormen and Leiserson, a.k.a. “The Cormen”. Each week, we discuss one chapter (or parts of it). Everybody has read the chapter, and one person is responsible and has prepared it more carefully, selects sections in advance, selects nice exercises to discuss, etc.

If not otherwise stated, we read the 3rd edition that can be found online or here: /vol/didy/Literature/Books/Introduction_to_Algorithms_Third_Edition.pdf

The 2nd edition can also be found online.

Solutions for the exercises can be found here.


Date Chapter (Resp. Person)
20.10. — (Intense Course on Data Mining)
27.10. — (Intense Course on Data Mining)
3.11. — (Intense Course on Data Mining)
10.11. Aministratives; Selection of book and chapters
17.11. Chapter 4 “Recurrences” from the 2nd edition (Nicole)
24.11. — (Retreat)
1.12. Chapter 5 “Probabilistic Analysis and Randomized Algorithms” (Damianos & Lu)
8.12. Chapter 11 “Hash Tables” (Lukas & Guillaume)
15.12. Talk by Sebastian Dorok: “Storing and Querying Genome Data using Main-Memory Database Systems”
22.12. — (Too many people away)
X-mas break
12.1. Chapter 13 “Red-Black Trees” (Madis) postponed
19.1. Chapter 13 “Red-Black Trees” (Madis) and Chapter 21 “Data Structures for Disjoint Sets” (Benedikt L. & Yoga)
26.1. Chapter 28 “Matrix Operations, Strassen's algorithm” (Omar & Liren) and Chapter 29 “Linear Programming” (Linda & Nina)
2.2. Chapter 25 “All-Pairs Shortest Paths” (Markus & Jan) and Chapter 26 “Maximum Flow” (Tina)
9.2. Chapter 33 “Computational Geometry” (Georges & Benedikt B.)
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