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Diversity and Dynamics of Genomes (Seminar)

392217 Stoye, Wittler Summer 2015 Tuesday 14-16 in U10-146ekvv

Course Description

In this seminar, research of the DiDy Group is presented, and other research related topics are discussed.

This semester, everyone gives an introduction into their research field and project - not in a compressed, conference-style presentation but in such a way that everyone can follow everything from the “Introduction” til the very end, peppered with questions from the others.


Date Who/What
14.4. Markus Lux
21.4. Georges Hattab
28.4. — (Intense Course)
5.5. — (Intense Course)
12.5. Liren Huang
19.5. BREW rehearsals
26.5.  — (too many people away)
2.6. Nicole Althermeler postponed
9.6. Jia Yu
23.6. Tina Zekic
30.6. Linda Sundermann
7.7. (administratives)
14.7. Lu Zhu
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