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Diversity and Dynamics of Genomes (Seminar)

392217 Stoye, Wittler Summer 2014 Tuesday 14-16 in U10-155 or U10-146ekvv

Course Description

In this seminar, research of the DiDy Group is presented, and other research related topics are discussed. This semester, we focus on literature research. Each participant is responsible for scanning a few journals and extracting DiDy-relevant articles. Some selected articles will be discussed.


Papers we could/have read

Journal Scanning

Participant Journals
Benedikt B. Nature Biotechnology, IEEE TVCG
Andreas arXiv, bioRxiv, PeerJ, ISME Journal, Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Guillaume Journal of Computational Biology, PLoS Computational Biology
Jan Oxford Bioinformatics, Nature Methods
Benedikt L. PLoS Biology, RNA
Nina Genome Research, IEEE TCBB
Madis BMC Systems Biology, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Linda Nucleic Acids Research, Briefings in Bioinformatics
Roland PLoS One
Tina BMC Bioinformatics, Genome Biology

Topics to come (or not)

  • Update on our research activities (beginning and end of each semester)
  • Faculty members introduce themselves
  • Work/life balance
  • Mission statement
  • Scientific superhero
  • Conference smalltalk
  • Slam session
  • Author order and other publishing related questions

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