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Diversity and Dynamics of Genomes (Seminar)

392216 Stoye, Wittler Winter 2013/14 Tuesday 14-16 in U10-155 or U10-146ekvv

Course Description

In this seminar, research of the DiDy Group is presented, and other research related topics are discussed.


Date Topic Name Bugs Chapter
15.10. Organization of the seminar / From Hannover to Genome Informatics all / Jens Stoye
22.10. Live the Wiki! (bring your laptop) Madis Rumming
29.10. Where the heck is Burnaby? Roland Wittler
05.11. Internships - Why and How? Daniel Doerr 5 - Only
12.11. Microbial diversity through a scratched lens Application Talk: Andreas Bremges 17 - Which versus That
19.11. in EE0-002 Winning the rat race - The sbv IMPROVER species translation challenge Invited Speaker: Michael Biehl
26.11. Posters Guillaume Holley 19 - While
03.12. Research goes wiki (Bring your laptops.) all 22 - Verbize
10.12. Mini-Workshop
17.12. Scientific Writing in Computer Science Nina Luhmann and Justin Zobel 23 - Commas
24.12. Merry Christmas!
31.12. Guten Rutsch!
07.01. Book: Advices to a young researcher Linda Sundermann 24 - Number Spelling
14.01. PhDs from the Faculty's Perspective Jens Stoye 25 - Impact
21.01. Recap - Our research so far all 28 - Either and Both
28.01. What next? all 29 - Hyphens
04.02. How to write a review Roland Wittler and Jens Stoye 43 - Figure Captions
18.03. in FBIIS 2.017 Mutual Information: an Adequate Tool for Feature Selection? Guest Speaker: Benoit Frenay

PhDs from the Faculty's Perspective

Advices to young PhD students. From Jason Hong's blog.

  • Break Out of the Undergraduate Mentality
  • Own your research
  • Be willing to push back
  • Be active in the social dimension of research
  • Build Up Your Skills, but Get Out as Soon as You Can

Ten Simple Rules

Plans for the summer

  • Update on our research activities
  • Faculty members introduce themselves
  • Update on our research activities

Topics to come (or not)

  • Work/life balance
  • Mission statement
  • Scientific superhero
  • Conference smalltalk
  • Slam session
  • Author order and other publishing related questions

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